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Anti-gay restaurant slapped with civil suit July 17, 2006

Posted by lagablab in Discrimination, lagablab alert!.

Inday GarutayCivil Case. No. 70883-PSG – This is what Aruba restaurant got for its bigotry. Gay impersonator Inday Garutay (real name: Christopher Borja) today slapped a civil case against Aruba restaurant before the Pasig City Regional Trial Court.

The complaint asserts that “while private establishments do have the right to impose a dress code, it may not – in the guise of implementing such a dress code – discriminate against individuals on the basis of his or her personal condition, i.e., sexual orientation.”

On July 4, 2006, Inday Garutay entered Aruba Restaurant in Metrowalk Commercial Complex to meet with a friend and a producer for a show in Japan. She was accompanied by her partner. After using the ladies toilet, she was reportedly asked to leave the restaurant by the Supervisor, Ms. “Tintin” Aguilar. Aguilar allegedly told Inday Garutay that Aruba has a dress code and that cross-dressers like her are prohibited from entering the establishment. (“Mayroon po kaming dress code dito. Bawal po ang cross-dresser. Bawal po ang ganyang katulad mo.“). Because Aguilar was unrelenting, Inday decided to leave.

Inday Garutay said that she suffered mental anguish, sleepless
nights and anxiety attacks because of the incident.

Inday Garutay is being represented by AKBAYAN lawyer Jae dela Cruz, who stressed that the whole issue is not about defending the right to wear skirts. “The case is all about equality,” dela Cruz said.

Inday Garutay is asking for P600,000.00 for moral and exemplary damages.

LAGABLAB supports the decision to sue Aruba Restaurant. At the same time, the network renews its call to boycott the establishment because of its discriminatory policies. We encourage everyone to report to LAGABLAB other restaurants, bars, clubs and other commercial establishments that have discriminatory policies and practices.

The pink peso should not go where lesbians and gays are not wanted.

We also believe that the absence of a national legislation that protects the human rights and fundamental freedoms of lesbians and gays helps creates a climate of discrimination and abuse. The first step to end the impunity being enjoyed by perpetrators of abuse and discrimination against LGBTs is to penalize homophobia. We again urge Congress to enact the Anti-Discrimination Bill immediately.

Click here to get a copy of the complaint.


1. Inday Garutay files Civil Suit against Aruba - Mukamo Philippines - July 17, 2006

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2. nastypen - July 26, 2006

grabeh. i haven’t gone to aruba bar, now, because of this, i will never set foot in such a place. no cross dressers? so, women in pants are not allowed? this is some crazy stuff in this day and age.

3. Bong Alfaro Manurung - August 3, 2006

Go Jae! All the best for this case. Reads like a US Consti Law case. 🙂

4. danton remoto - August 4, 2006

this should teach aruba bar and the others who have done this to us to sit up, take notice, and run away with tail between their legs. time now to show the strength and the power of the pink peso!

danton remoto

5. kat canonce - August 8, 2006

at the end of the day we would all arrive at the conclusion that we are all the same. pare-pareho tayo ng kinakain. pare-pareho tayong lupa ang tinutungtungan. pareho-pareho tayong tumatawa. pare-pareho tayong umiiyak. pare-pareho tayong nasasaktan. pare-pareho tayong mga TAO.

ang mga pinandidirihan ng karamihan na homosexuals ay pinili lamang magpakatotoo sa sarili nila. they chose to challenge the present notions of gender. they chose to go out of the box. they chose to LIVE.

for all these reasons and more, dapat pa nga hangaan natin sila.

listening to them, accepting them, and just understanding them is not going to kill us.

it will NEVER kill us.

6. ramon - August 9, 2006

shame the Aruba it couldnt even think twice to accept the realness of the society nowadays, the gays are more welcome specially the country I would say with highest standard of respecting the person no matter what he/she sex oriented might have we are all the same MABAHO ang TAE…… Cheers to you Inday Garutay!! Keep up to fight always our right.. From Filipino Gays in Israel

7. maxi - August 12, 2006

A friend of mine was also discriminated against by Aruba Bar Metrowalk, just a couple of weeks before the Inday Garutay incident. He was also wearing a blouse and pants, not even a dress, and he was refused entry, sinabihan sya na bawal daw ang cross-dressers dun, in front of everyone else who were waiting in line to get in. It also cause him great anxiety and mental anguish. Aruba is really a bigot!

8. Ella Wagemakers - November 12, 2006

From The Netherlands, a word of support — All power to those supporting equal rights for everyone, irregardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation. The day when gays will be able to live as normally as the rest of their fellow-humans will be a day of victory. A toast to openness, honesty and freedom!

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