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Rep. Abante did it again! November 17, 2006

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In the House of Representatives, Rep. Bienvenido Abante (6th District, Manila City), the Chairperson of the Committee on Civil, Political and Human Rights, blocked anew the passage of HB 634, or the Anti-Discrimination Bill, following the sponsorship speech made by AKBAYAN Rep. Etta Rosales.

(More background information on Rep. Abante’s track record, including his business interests, in PCIJ‘s i-site and in the website of House of Representatives).

On November 14, 2006, the solon, a known bishop of the Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church, questioned the sponsorship of Anti-Discrimination Bill by AKBAYAN Rep. Etta Rosales, which resulted in a heated debate between him and Rep. Rosales. Abante said that LGBT rights are not fundamental human rights issues, and he claimed that as the chair of the human rights committee, he is not even aware of the bill. He said that he would continue to oppose the bill because it would lead to same sex marriage.

Intrerestingly, a few weeks ago, Rep. Abante appeared on a TV show to condemn the bill. He likewise called homosexuality morally reprehensible. This public statement clearly belies his claim that he is not aware of the bill’s existence. This is also not the first time that he blocked the bill’s passage.

LAGABLAB is calling for the resignation of Rep. Abante as Chair of the House Committee on Human Rights. His outrageous ignorance of the basic principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms and his failure to grasp their universality mean that he does not deserve to be the Chair of the committee. Furthermore, his lack of compassion and sense of empathy indicates that he is incapable of promoting human rights.

Below are two news articles from the Philippine Daily Inquirer on the heated debate in Congress on the Anti-Discrimination Bill. We once again urge members of the LGBT and human rights community to send protest letters to the office of Rep Abante. If you are from his district in Manila, please do not vote for Rep. Abante in the 2007 elections.

Office of Rep. Bienvenido Abante, Jr.
Rm. 407, South-wing,
House of Representatives,
Batasan Hills, Quezon City
Phone: 931-5001 local 7248 or 9315691 (telefax)
Email: abante_maynila@yahoo.com

Debate mars sponsorship of gay rights bill
Manila’s Abante vows to block measure
By Maila Ager
Last updated 07:40pm (Mla time) 11/14/2006

A HEATED debate between the chairman of the House human rights committee and his predecessor Tuesday night over a bill that seeks to prohibit discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Manila Representative Bienvenido Abante, the committee chairman, branded “highly questionable” Akbayan Representative Loretta Ann Rosales’ sponsorship speech for House Bill 634, or “An act prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and providing penalties therefore,” which was approved when she still chaired of the committee.

Abante was given the committee chairmanship after Rosales supported the failed impeachment case against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The Manila solon complained that he was unaware of the bill’s inclusion in the agenda.

“I find it very unethical Mr. Speaker. I’m the chairman of the committee on human rights but I’m not even made aware that this should be in the agenda today,” Abante said. “What congresswoman Rosales did is highly out of order.”

But Rosales countered that she could not be out of order because she was recognized by the presiding officer to sponsor the bill.

“Apparently, the chair of the committee on human rights has not been listening and has not been observing the rules of the plenary,” Rosales said.

She also reminded Abante that the measure had been approved on third and final reading during the 12th Congress and was only re-filed for approval under the current Congress.

Talking to reporters, Abante vowed to block the measure.

He said he would not allow the bill to pass for fear that its passage would pave the way for the approval of another measure, this time allowing gay marriages in the country.

House rights chair hit for blocking bill on gay rights
By Philip Tubeza
Page A2 of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 16, 2006

A GAY RIGHTS groups condemned on Wednesday Manila Representative Bienvenido Abante, who is also a bishop of the Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church, for opposing a bill penalizing discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs).

The Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network (LAGABLAB-Pilipinas) lambasted Abante, urging him to resign as chair of the House committee on human rights for “his homophobia and atrocious ignorance of the basic principles of human rights.”

Abante had opposed the passage of House Bill 637 or the “Act Prohibiting Discrimination on Basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Providing Penalties Thereof.”

The group said that Abante’s “ridiculous opposition” to a human rights measure like the Anti-Discrimination Bill “betrays a fundamental disregard and disrespect of his mandate as the human rights committee chair.”

“He should resign from his position if he himself cannot grasp the universality of human rights and human dignity. How can he promote human rights when he has no sense of empathy and compassion?” said Jonas Bagas, LAGABLAB secretary general.

“He should also undergo human rights education to understand that in our Constitution and in various international human rights agreements that the Philippines signed, equal protection from discrimination is guaranteed for all, regardless of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity,” he added.

Abante earned the ire of the LGBTs after he questioned the sponsorship speech of Akbayan party-list Representative Loretta Ann Rosales for the bill before the plenary on Tuesday.

“Mr. Speaker, I highly question the sponsorship speech of Congresswoman Etta Rosales on this, because I find it very unethical. Mr. Speaker, I am the chair of the committee on human rights [but] I am not even aware of this bill,” Abante had said.

He later succeeded in having the House suspend the consideration of the bill, which was passed by the House human rights committee when Rosales was still its chair.

Bagas said it was the second time Abante blocked the passage of the bill by claiming that it would promote “same-sex marriage.”

“But that is not even mentioned in the proposed law. The Anti-Discrimination Bill will not allow for the legal recognition of same-sex marriage. It is only about curbing discriminatory practices and policies. To claim otherwise is to commit a grave lie,” Bagas explained.

He added that not all religious people or religious organizations “are as bigoted as Representative Abante.”

“During the 12th Congress, the bill was supported by other religious organizations, specifically the NCCP/UCCP and Iglesia ni Kristo. We in LAGABLAB are aware that there are religious denominations that are opposed to homosexuality, but are nonetheless in solidarity with the LGBT community in protecting their rights and freedoms,” Bagas said.

He added that other human rights organizations supporting the bill included Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Commission of Jurists.


1. sen - November 20, 2006

There is no basis for the Lagablab movement to call for Rep . Abante’s resignation as chairman of the Committee on Human Rights based on his declaration of non-support for the gay rights bill. Gay rights is not human rights—it is just part of the entire definition of what human rights is al about. And for the Movement to declare its “all-out-war” against him, should not be interwoven with their oppositions against his stand.

As a constituent of the 6th district of Manila, I know Mr. Abante as a morally upright man. And his stand is never against the GLBT’s but against their actions. And the basis of his opposition against the lifestyle that GLBT’s promotes is based on the Word of God.

If the Lagablab movement calls and labels their fight as a recognition of the universality of human rights, then they will have to concede to the basis of an absolute moral principle by which human actions are to be governed, including theirs. Obviously they will evade the Bible as the final arbiter of right and wrong and cite other ideologies the give ground to their stand. But what are these grounds? Whose grounds? By the time we have come up with so many moral basis, the morality “ceases to be absolute.” But if it ceases to be absolute, then the universality of human rights has no more bearing. And if the universality of human rights is no more true, then the cause and basis of fighting for gay rights become unfounded. It’s either we deny the existence of the absolute moral principle—in which the GLBT’s premises fall, or to say that there is such a basis, and that they will have to subject their premises to the scrutiny of the absolute moral principle.

It seems then that the only way out of the circular argumentation is admit that there must be a basis for the universality of human rights. It must absolute, and it must not be uncompromising. I suggest the Bible be our basis, and find out whether our advocacies will last. We either take the Bible as a whole, or deny it as a whole. The Word of God could never be taken out of its own context—it provides its own justification and premises without begging for deeper grounding. And if we deny that the Bible IS the absolute basis, what is it then?

2. jlp - November 20, 2006

Rep.Abante is just doing what is proper for the goodness of this nation as far as moral issue is concern base on what the word of God says..this is not for personal promotion or applause but i believe,this is the way to preserve this nation for the coming generation..To know what is pleasing in the sight of God..

3. Fire Sia - November 21, 2006

this is my two cents of the issue and my personal opinion. i have a great repect for everyone who has responded and posted their ideas on this matter. i don’t normally post here or have the time to respond, i am not here to argue, i’d like to share my sentiments.

i admire Rep. Abante for strongly believing in what he feels is the right and moral thing to do. however, i wish that a morally upright man such as himself would understand the impact of his beliefs on the unprotected minorities of this country. does the morality of a politician not include ones duty to preserve human life and the quality of that life?

i understand that many people will use religion and the bible as a basis for law. this is after all, a Catholic country. i will not argue with someone who is is morally upright based on the morals he or she was brought up to believe in and incorporate in his life.

one thing that concerns me though is the tendency to be closed-minded about certain issues that could affect a vast minority of persons who simply want to to be acknowledged as a community, as persons and as citizens of the Philippines. isn’t it the responsibility of the government to protect every citizen and to ensure that they are given basic rights? the right to work in a place where they will be accepted as competent, hard working human beings regardless of sexual oriention shouldn’t actually be such a big issue. everyone has that right — sadly, that right is not acknowledged by all employers. this is why many LGBTs end up working in environments that are “comfortable”. Media, Call Centers — these are places that more of less accept LGBTs without discrimination. i say that we shoudn’t be limited to work in those industries just because they are the only ones that accept us. of course, this is only an example to drive a point.

we recognize that fact that prejudice is everywhere and we can’t change opinions or fears over night. conservatives are afraid that if the law/bill gets passed, it will lead to the “same-sex” marriage thing. i’m sorry to sound crass but that is not the immediate concern. as a LGBT activist, i am well aware that the Philippines will probably never approve any bil for same-sex marriage. our laws and ideals are based heavily on the Catholic doctrine. this is done to prevent immorality. but what IS immorality? how can we conclude that the bible is the absolute truth? no offense mean, i have the greatest respect for all religions but why use one religion as a basis for laws to cover all? the bible to me cannot be the ultimate basis for human rights, remember that the Old Testament had lots of very cruel punishments for various sins. must we stone people to death in this modern age? people will argue with me that Jesus changed all that in the New Testament, yes he did. he also advocated love through all human beings regardless of who they were and what kind of people they were. i admire Jesus, he was one very open-minded person/saviour. to me, it’s either you take the teachings of the Old Testament or the New Testament. there is no way anyone can believe in both as they do clash in several ways.

the religous areguments on homosexuality are based on things written in the Old Testament. a bishop once explained to me that the Old Testament is there to remind us of our mistakes– the ones we made that were cruel and unjust, that the New Testament was there to incorporate an environment that fosters love and understanding. it looks like God took a turn in his existence, from the God of punishment to the God of love.

i don’t believe that Rep. Abante should be removed, maybe that is not the answer to the passing of this bill. if we call for his removal, it makes us look like we do not understand where he is coming from. we ourselves are asking for understanding and support, but how will we accomplish that if it seems like our every aim is to remove those who do not want to support us? i know many of you will disagree with me. some of you are my friends and i hope you understand why i feel this way. we are all entitled to our opnions and this mine.

and to those who think that this is a ridiculous bill, if our society and environment was LGBT safe and friendly, believe me, we wouldn’t need that bill at all.

what kind of society is one that reduces it’s people to a limited state of being?

my two cents.

4. Hermie Romano - November 21, 2006

I respect & fully supporting Rep.Abante for standing firm on his principles. That kind of a leader in Public service is what the Philippines needed in order for the filipinos may see some light of prosperity. He has been maliciously attacked of being ignorance of basic principles of human rights and of not being aware of the bill. The attacked is crafted to malign him. He said in this tenor, He was not aware that the bill is included in the agenda.
The point is Human rights laws municipal or international are already protecting each and every individual in the planet of either sex, male or female unless you do not consider your self as human. Such laws cover anybody including a man who is suffering from a desease of feeling a woman and vis a vis.
Rep Abante infact is compassionate for the filipino people. I think he just protecting us from the judgment as were executed against Sodom & Gomorah. The desease is contageous like a virus in the internet and aliens who wanted to propagate thier kinds.

5. Amado Santos - November 22, 2006

For Fire Sia:

My friend, i have no fight with you but may i share also my two cents woth of opinion re your opinion, specifically on the following:

“the religous areguments on homosexuality are based on things written in the Old Testament. a bishop once explained to me that the Old Testament is there to remind us of our mistakes– the ones we made that were cruel and unjust, that the New Testament was there to incorporate an environment that fosters love and understanding. it looks like God took a turn in his existence, from the God of punishment to the God of love.”

I wonder who is that bishop you are refering to, if that is his line of reasoning he has no business being a bishop. The concept of God denotes and connotes an absolute, infalliable. universal and infinite Truth in whatever context and stage of human history. the Old Testament is part of a continuum of Man’s salvation history, as the New Testament is the fulfillment of God’s covenant to man in the Old Testament. If God “took a turn in his existence” then he is not god, he is not divine and infallible rather human and fallible. He is not absolute and infinite but realtive and finite. therefore what god are you refering to? as you defined it, there is no god but a belief relative to one’s whims and caprices.

Is the bishop a bishop of Greek or Roman mythology where the gods and goddesses acts like humans?

6. Fire Sia - November 22, 2006

for Amado Santos

thank you for your insights.

i no longer see the Monsignor since a few years ago when he flew back to Rome. still, i will definitely give your insights careful thought. it is good to engage in an exchange of opinions with people who are willing to do the same, specially for someone like myself who is willing to hear all sides of any issue.

7. hermie - November 23, 2006

For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son…. My friend, as Jesus called judas, have mercy upon yourself and to those you will contaminate.
Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. (Revelation 18:4)(not pertaining but by analogy)
. People in Sodom & Gomorrah grievously LAGABLAB, dont make it happend to you, LAGABLAB will hunt you down from HELL LAGABLAB TO LAKE OF LAGABLAB.(Rev.20:14-15).
Heb 4:12 For the word of God [is](the Truth)….sharper than any twoedged sword, [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. You still have time search the Truth. Like Pilate asked,”what is the Truth”.
Jesus Christ in the cross is the best example of Human Rights Violation. He did not complain but submitted Himself to redeem you and me and the entire human race. ….that whosoever believe shall not perish but have an everlasting life. John 3:16

8. Chris Salvatierra - November 23, 2006

With all that is said, being said, done and being done; one truth has come out and that the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders of this country are still discriminated against. To say that LGBT rights are not human rights is tantamount in saying that LGBT’s are not human.

I respect each and every person’s religious convictions. Still, the fact remains that LGBT’s do exist and that by passing this bill, the LGBT’s rights as human beings shall be protected.

I quote the constitution’s preamble, ” We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society and establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of independence and democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.”

“…in order to build a just and humance society…”
That the constitution provides all Filipinos a just and humane society. That whatever practice or language that is used to treat a Filipino a lesser human being is not acceptable.

“…a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace…”
That all Filipinos are equal and have their freedoms as defined in the bill of rights and their human rights as defined in the UN declaration of Human Rights wherein the country, my country, our country is a signatory. That every Filipino is entitled to living in peace without harm nor prejudice.

Let us not be blinded with our personal beliefs. The constitution is true for all Filipinos. That to create a law that protects a minority from harm and discrimination is the duty of the majority.

What is moral? It is always being asked and time and again, LGBT’s are slapped in their faces that being a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgenderred is immoral. That it is always being argued upon that GOD created man and woman. Then I shall argue back that there is really no arguement at all. That we are men and women. That LGBT’s are men and women created by GOD and loved by GOD.

I hope we are all talking about the same GOD of LOVE. The GOD that has defined unconditional love that the love was so great that Jesus died on the cross.

It is Jesus who gave the commandment to love GOD and your neighbors.

These are the reasons why I don’t see the logic that the anti-discrimination bill should not be passed and made into law. That whatever religious belief you have, you should not let anybody discriminate another just because they happen to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgenderred or is percieved to be one.

9. Ces - November 24, 2006

I don’t understand why all this fuss started in the 1st place.
Each human being is protected by human rights. EVERYONE is entitled to it. Even criminals would claim their share of these rights. Human rights apply to every single human being.

Now, I guess I have made my point. The question is, WHY would these gays and lesbians request special rights for themselves? It’s not as if they’re being deprived of their rights as human beings. They can apply for any job they want. They could go wherever they want to. Thay can do whatever they feel like doing, even if sometimes they’re crossing some boundaries. Why are they asking for more special rights? So they can flaunt to the world that they can be so disgusting and get away with it?

They have become gays and lesbians by their own choice. It’s not as if it was forced down on them. They are not like retards who were born w/o a choice. They’re just like criminals who became criminals because they wanted to.

Now being what they are, they want us to embrace their choice and tell them it’s ok, that they’re an important part of the society and that our government and everyone else should give them special treatments because they’re special.

What is wrong with these people??!!

Our society has tolerated them for so long and we are up to our neck with all these nonsense. I, myself, have never said a word against these homosexuals. But come on! Let us, normal people get on with our lives! You are lucky our society allows you to live within it.

Just do your thing and we will just pretend that you don’t exist.

10. CeeJay Agbayani - November 24, 2006

I humbly ask for the RESIGNATION of Re.Abante!!
To my fellow believers of Jesus the Christ and those who claim the right translations of the Holy Bible kindly read your Bible with Greek manuscript and with the Hebrew Scriptutres.
I am a seminarian of the Union Theological Seminary, the oldest Protestant(Ecumenical) seminary in the Philippines. After careful studying the Greek and Hebrew languanges where the so called translations was based to condem Homosexuality, I found out that indeed.. Homosexuality is not a Sin.. and that Jesus our Lord and Savior does not say anything against it.. so please.. do not judged us nor condem us..we deserve an equal protection of the law.. kindly passed the Anti-Discrimnation Bill..

11. Jei - November 25, 2006

The point here is that Mr. Abante is mixing religion and politics. All we ask is Equality, and the protection against discrimination, which is generally reasonable. I dont understand why he needs to start preaching and talk like he is in the church than he is in the politics?

12. vic - November 26, 2006

What has Religion got to do with good Governance? We are talking Human Rights here. Do you think that PM Paul Martin who ignored his church threat to refuse administering communion (or whatever) to him for refusing to appeal the courts ruling declaring the law that marriage is only legal between man and woman unconstitutional, is less religious than anyone? Do you think that the Justices of Canada SC are a bunch of Ignorant, Immoral beings for confirming the Lower Courts Rulings that Equality applies to all, Atheists, Believers, Agnostics, Pagans, meaning ALL…And do you think we are a less moral, corrupt society because we penalized discrimination in all forms? Think Again your rightful hypocrites. Quote a passage here and there in the Bible to justify the Stone Age belief that being Gays, Lesbians had melted the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and forget that Hatred at Present is your Sodom plus your Gomorrah.. To quote the Great Pierre Elliot Trudeau “the Government has no Business in the Nation’s Bedroom”. And that government includes the Politicians, the Legislature that should have the Anti-Hate, Anti-Discrimination Laws passed and Strongly Enforced Long Long time ago…..

13. vic - November 26, 2006

And to say that the action of the Group is what the Good representative is against with, what specific actions he meant? Rep. Abante has no right to Judge the Morality of individuals, if any individual breaks the law, whether such individual is gay, straight, politician, rich or poor or even Rep. Abante himself, then bring him to account for his/her trespasses in the court of Law and let everyone answer to their own God in their own way. Let’s move on people, we can always keep our morality, our righteousness, but let us not suppress the rights of others. gone are the days when witches are torched in the stakes. Gone are the days when pagans are crusified. Crusades are centuries agone. Religion is your private affair. Don’t bring it to the hall of Congress or the hallowed court of The SC>Please…

14. Hermie - November 27, 2006

What is Religion?, in Jam 1:27 says ” Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, [and] to keep himself unspotted from the world. I may say that it means in one point is helping others in need. If one applies his religous conviction for the protection common good and general welfare of the whole society is that not GOOD GOVERNANCE?.
The second point is that religous conviction must be invoke to elimnate if not reduce the cancer of graft and corruption in the Govt. is that not what we asked for, is that not GOOD GOVERNANCE?.
Our Constitution, we have ART III BILL OF RIGHTS. There enumarated our protected rights and freedom, read them. Infact in sofar as individual belief religous or otherwise you may believe whatever you want even if you believe and worship a devil, no body will prevent you or arrest you. You have the protected rights. However such right have certain limitations insofar as to the exercise of such rights, that is if in the exercise of your rights wiil affect other rights. It is the time the Govt. will move its hand. Our Supreme Court said in one case,..”But where the individual externalizes his beliefs in acts or omissions that affect the public, his freedom to do so becomes subject to the authority of the State. As great as this liberty may be, religious freedom, like all the other rights guaranteed in the Constitution, can be enjoyed only with a proper regard for the rights of others. It is error to think that the mere invocation of religious freedom will stalemate the State and render it impotent in protecting the general welfare.”
If you find the law of other Nations or States fit, the best and oppropriate and you think ours discriminate, we have a guaranteed constitutional right to travel. Sodom and Gomorrah is not even a belief but History. History repeated itself, dont make the Philippines becomes one.
We have also a constitutional right of privacy, whatever you do in bed nobody cares, much more the Govt. Do we penalized discrimination in all forms? Discrimination can be done with reasonable justification and classification. Dont we discriminate people suffering from contageous illness or desease. Dont we exempt from taxes some sectors of the soceity. Think and wake-up you rightful idiot. Do you want to play basket ball, do you want to be in the militaty or PNP or do you want straight people to be in jail because of your own actuation. By mere use of clothings will make some laugh, annoyed and for some reason and cause we find ourselves in jail because we confront an special people with special rights protected by the law of our land. No way my friend.
We love the Philippines, we love our children please dont distort normal norms and morals of the Philippine culture. The Crusades were gone dont make it alive again. The wrath of God is what we shoul affraid of and please dont make it happend.

15. vic - November 28, 2006

No way my friend.
We love the Philippines, we love our children please don’t distort normal norms and morals of the Philippine culture. The Crusades were gone don’t make it alive again. The wrath of God is what we should afraid of and please don’t make it happened.” by Hermie..

The wrath of God would fall on those who discriminate against His creation. If you are that religious, as I am not, then why discriminate on other of God’s creations. The Limitations of Rights and Freedoms are justified if they are Reasonable. By reasonable it has to be judge by a competent body, the hierarchy of courts. The Limitations should be spelled out in specific code or law and subject to challenges by its subjects.

Yes, my friend everyone loves his/her own country, some verbalized it, some keep it to themselves. But to do is as easy to say, then asked all the politicians, the public servants and all that are entrusted by the people why they are corrupting the country to the ground? Ask the Judges, the PNP, the courts why Justice is administered Selectively, the rich and the powerful have been from the time immemorial immune from such. Normal cultures that are not right is not normal at all. Ask why the not so beautiful and not so tall can’t get a job as flight stewardess, or receptionists, or ask why someone has to tell how old is he or she to get a job that could be done by anyone. Ask why a college entrants to nursing school can’t get in because she’ an inch shorter than supposed to be. Ask why a capable fellow can’t get a job of a Police Constable, because he don’t have the height of the basketball player? Is that Normal? I too love the Philippines as much as I love Canada. It is the land of my birth. I still have hundreds of relatives who struggle and are the victims and some the perpetrators of this Normal Culture. Think again my friend, if this is how we go along of loving our own country, then we don’t have to wait for the Wrath of God, but the wrath of our own….

16. regenluna - December 1, 2006

We ask for the resignation of Mr. Abante. I answered all of his arguments in his speech. His beliefs are not based on the Word of God. It’s based on ignorance and mistraslated versions of his Bible.

Mr. Abante said that he lusts for woman so how could he be a righteous man?

Bro. Regen Luna, the IPL and Moderator of MCC Philippines has an official statement about the speech of Mr. Abante. You can read it in his website at http://regenluna.wordpress.com

17. regen - December 1, 2006

The following is an official statement by Rev. Bro. Regen Luna, the IPL and Moderator of MCC Philippines.

POINT #1. He mentioned the group COURAGE, He said that some members of this group were formerly gays. The truth, we have members from this group. They left COURAGE and joined MCC Philippines.

POINT #2. He mentioned Baptist and Evangelical churches. As if there are no gay baptists and evangelicals in the world. The truth, there are many gays and lesbian baptists and evangelicals. Please visit these websites: http://www.rainbowbaptists.org/ and http://www.ecinc.org/.

POINT # 3. He quoted the words of Camille Paglia that she said “Homosexuality is not normal”. The truth 477,000 Health and mental health professionals have all taken the position that homosexuality is not a mental disorder and thus there is no need for a cure.

Mr. Abante, which should we believe? 477,000 Health professionals from the USA or just Camile Paglia?

POINT # 4. Mr. Abante said that “…I do not find in the Bible that God created male and female and the in-betweens…” My question to you, Where in the Bible will you find that GOD DID NOT CREATE IN-BETWEENS? Do not add any statements that is not written in the Bible. He also said: “…I do not find in the Bible that God created Adam and Steve…” Where in the Bible will you find that GOD DID NOT CREATE ADAM AND STEVE? Where Mr. Abante?

POINT #5. Mr. Abante quoted the testimony of John White who according to him had a BORN AGAIN experience and changed his sexuality from homosexuality to heterosexuality. I will use my own testimony I was a former member of a born again church, there are so many gay pastors, priests, bishops, ministers and church members inside the so called BORN AGAIN MOVEMENT but they are all living a double lifestyle. God knows the truth. Even if all of the Churches today admit it or not, there are gays, lesbians and bisexuals hiding inside your churches, they couldn’t go out why? because you will condemn them, you will excommunicate them, that’s why.

POINT #6. Mr. Abante quoted the Quran, and he said that the quran is against homosexuality. Yes there are verses in the Quran about the prohibitions against homosexuality. But how about Quran’s prohibition about believing in the Holy Trinity? How about Quran’s prohibition about believing in the Diety of Jesus Christ? How about their laws concerning people who do not believe in Islam? Mr. Abante you have used a wrong book to make an argument against us. Please visit this website for more information about Islam: http://www.lamblion.com/New08.php

POINT # 7. Mr. Abante said that “…we fear to suffer the same fate that befell Sodom and Gomorrah, and lately New Orleans, Mr. Spreaker…” the truth, Our Lord Jesus Christ mentioned Sodom and Gomorrah in the Gospels and according to him the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah were inhospitality to God’s messangers and not homosexuality. Mr. Abante who will we believe? YOU or the true Jesus Christ of the Bible?

POINT #8. Mr. Abante said: “…our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction…” Is this true? How about heterosexuals who can’t procreate? What will we do to them? Ask all heterosexuals if their main reason for sex is to have babies?

POIN #9. Mr. Abante said that “…I am a man and I have lust in my heart. I still lust on women, Mr. Speaker…” Do you think that our Lord Jesus Christ accepts this kind of lust?
Matthew 5:28 (New International Version)

28But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

My brothers and sister, the Bible declares that even God’s messengers can be blind and deaf. In Isaiah 42:18-20 God said:

18 “Hear, you deaf;
look, you blind, and see!

19 Who is blind but my servant,
and deaf like the messenger I send?
Who is blind like the one committed to me,
blind like the servant of the LORD ?

20 You have seen many things, but have paid no attention;
your ears are open, but you hear nothing.”

My brothers and sisters, please do not listen to a blind servant of God, because it will lead us astray. In Matthew 15:14 (New International Version) our Lord Jesus said:

14 Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

18. Hermie a - December 2, 2006

I dont think that Congresman Abante will ever claim being rightous man.

Pt.1. Is it untruth to mention that some members of the COURAGE were formerly gays if that was the fact even if it is true that others joined MCC. As if He is telling a lie.
2.Im not suprised having gays/lesbians in a church. Either they have repented or they were wolf in sheep clothings as the bible warned “beware of the dogs”
3.Being gays are not normal to the extent that they shold be confined in mental hospital. Some are intellectual. You are not normal as to Psychological and physiological behavior. Psychological incapacity is not the same as mental disorder said our Supreme Court in one decision. To have a feeling of desire(sexual) toward same sex that is what not normal.
3.To be continued Black out…

19. Hermie - December 4, 2006

4. Addressed to Rep. (just a comment:) It is clear that the statement was not intended to add the Bible but for mere emphasis. Just use your common sense here. That’s why He said ” I do not find” because there’s nothing written.
5. It is not a matter of becoming a member of any Church or Born Again Church or even of the true Church Christ Build from The Baptist preacher John (preparing the way of the Lord). What matters is BORN AGAIN EXPERIENCE. Again “no marvel Satan himself can transform as an angel of light” how much more his Ministers.(Col.11:14-15).
6.There is an admission that Quran have verses pertaining prohibition of homosexuality. How could that be a wrong book as reference. It is very relevant and material. Quran is Law for Islam as The Bible to Christian, and the issue here is the enactment of law (Bill so far) of homosexual/lesbian so called discriminatory rights.

20. regenluna - December 5, 2006

to hermie a: you have quoted “beware of dogs”? what verse? and what is the context? is Jesus talking about homosexuality in your quotation? or he is talking about religious leaders during his time? your quotation is out of context my friend.

your point 3. who are you anyway for us to believe that homosexuality is is not psychologically normal? you are misinformed, 477,000 health professionals in the USA have announced that homosexuality is not a sickness nor an abnormality therefore it cannot be cured and it does not need to be cured.

to hermie: you have quoted II Corinthians what’s the context? is it about homosexuality? my dear hermie you are always quoting bible verses out of its context. please study more before posting. this is why there are so many religions because the bible is always misquoted and out of its context.

you have to read the quran, my father is a muslim and i have a copy of it the quran is anti-trinity, and does not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, for a pastor to use a book that is against in his own baptist theology is an example of deception.

21. vic - December 5, 2006

Wrath of God>the same threat was pronounced by former PM Paul Martin’s Parish church when the PM refused to appeal the lower courts ruling that declared the law that states” the marriage is only between the Man and a Woman to the Exlusion of all others” in violation of our Rights to Equality, opening the legal status of :”same sex marriage, which now will give same sex couples the same rights and privilege as any other couples (meaning Marriage or common-law). The threat to the PM to refuse communion was dismissed by the PM as childish and immature in a country so mature, that instead of the Wrath, been blessed with relative peace and freedom, and corruption free politicians, with multi-cultures people living along together in harmony, without looking down on somone’s color, sex, race or even religion. Where Religion is never allowed to intervene with Politics, and Politics never allowed to intervene with Religious freedom and individual choice. Now tell me, is this not what God wants Copngressman Abante and the Rest of God-Fearing And Righteous Political Leaders to do? Be fair to all His Creations.?..

22. Hermie - December 6, 2006

to:regenluna -If so happend that you are ignorant of the verse you can read it in.
Phi 3:2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision. The connection of this verse to homosexuality is this.
“BOTH DOGS AND SOME HOMOSEXUALS PRACTICE SODOMY” . Dogs attempt a sexual act to a bitch, to same male dogs and even to your foot, licking,etc.
You said:”The truth, there are many gays and lesbian baptists and evangelicals”. And “there are so many gay pastors, priests, bishops, ministers and church members inside the so called BORN AGAIN MOVEMENT but they are all living a double lifestyle.”If they continue living in sin these verses are for them.
2Co 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
2Co 11:15 Therefore [it is] no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. You are talking of gay pastor, etc. Is it not relevant? The The Bible never outmoded applies now and forever.
I do not intend to let you believe admitting you are sick. Dress up like a female, opening up other zipper sleeping etc. If this is normal there is nothing normal to speak of. It is a distortion of Philippine Culture. Man is a man. kahit putol hindi atakbo.
It is enough to know that Quran proihibits homosexuality. I have no knowledge of any law or otherwise that Quran is prohibited to be qouted by belief. I have m non believer of it. I have relatives and even my own brother is now a muslim in Saudi encourages us to read the Book. Thanks for the example of deception, it seems you are a master of it. The way you made statement against the Congrssman.
You speak like the old serpent in the paradise.

23. regenluna - December 7, 2006

hermie: You quoted philippians 3:2, the bible didnt say that this verse is connected to homosexuality, YOU SAID IT,thats your conclusion, even the word HOMOSEXUALS is not found even in the original Greek manuscripts of the Bible. Don’t use the Bible and inserting your assumptions nor your conclusion to the verse. St. Paul didnt say that the dogs were homosexual, YOU DID. Be careful my dear sister. DO NOT INSERT your conclusions in the Bible.

hermie: There are so many verses in the bible that talks about DOGS, Isaiah 56:11 (New International Version)
11 They are dogs with mighty appetites;
they never have enough.
They are shepherds who lack understanding;
they all turn to their own way,
each seeks his own gain.

THE DOGS, in this verse is SHEPHERDS in Filipino PASTORS! Look for a verse in the Bible From Genesis upto REVELATIONS that is said that DOGS pertains to homosexuals.

Again you quoted II Corinthians and again, I’ll just repeat it, it is not against Gays nor homosexuals, its against false apostles. You are always quoting the bible out of its original context.

Please study the ORIGINAL BIBLE which is the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic Manuscripts before quoting the Bible. The Bible that you are now holding is a TRANSLATION not the original Bible.

You said that this is a distortion of Philippine Culture? You are very uneducated my friend, long before time BABAYLANS have been in our culture. What culture are you trying to say? What Filipino culture? Filipino mixed with the west? Filipino mixed with the east? I’m not an anthropologist so I wont argue about this with you because its irrelevant.

If you want I challenge you to a public debate. Use the Bible carefully my friend.

24. Hermie - December 7, 2006

You know Rev. Reg. you are authoritatively wrong, irrelevant and out of context as you always says. you wont accept you divert.
One rule in construction, is that if the words are clear no need to resort for other interpretation. I made no assumption nor insert a conclusion. I did make a connection by comparison, that is what you are asking for right. You are the one mentioning gay pastors, ministers and now you are avoiding the fact that II Cor. is substantial, material and very relevant that they are false pastors,ministers for living a double standard lifestyle. Why? are you a guilty one. Look how authoritatively wrong you are in dealing with Bible. There are only 12 Apostles and they are all chosen by Jesus Himself. How could it be that the verse is against false apostle? (no need to include Judas you might say 13) It is crystal clear that the verse speak of MINISTERS.
Am i out of original context. Why are you holding the complete original manuscript? Liar!! Are you now the self proclaimed custodian of the Holy Manuscript, have you preserved it. Liar!! Im not a Bible Student but a plain member of Bible believing Church. I understand that these Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic are all copies but not the Original, and not necessarily direct from the original but compilation from among those who have copies from the Original.
Why should i read all of these, im contented to what i have KJV.
Again you avoid to understand what im saying by diversion. Filipino culture that man is man. not acheng.Tinagalog ko na nga e. HINDI ATAKBO A TAPANG A TAO. I read Phil. history, i never found any word homosexual nor any indication that it is part of filipino society. i hope it is trully non.
You want public debate, why do you feel these venue is not your domain. Who can win against a liar, a master of deception and diversion. im sure im always be irrelevant and out of context that seems you have the monopoly of knowledge. What’s the use. BOXING PWEDE KA!!

25. Hermie - December 7, 2006

PS Pls reg dont include things long before time im really uneducated to that my friend. Im only up to Genesis not before the time you tempted eve to eat the forbidden fruit. And i dont think there are already filipinos long before time. Im uneducated to the time you are still part of the legion of angles before you fell on earth to be destined for LAGABLAB.

26. vic - December 8, 2006

And look out the words coming out of (OR WRITTEN) by one so-called Christian. If Filipinos were not created long before time, then why believe in Creation? Why bother to study the Bible in the First place? Were Filipino the Creations of Volcanic Eruptions like the Philippines Islands themselves? What a theory? You guys are going nowhwere if you can’t debate on the issues sans personal insults. If you’re tough enough for a good fight, we are recruiting soldiers for our mission in Afghanistan. welcome anytime..

27. regenluna - December 10, 2006

to hermie, naawa ako sayo kapatid, dahil ang sabi ni Kristo, mahalin mo ang iyong kapwa gaya ng pagmamahal mo sa iyong sarili, hindi sinabi ni kristo na makipagBOXING KA sa iyong kapwa, yan ba ang ipinagmamalaki mong BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH? ipinagmamalaki mo ang King James bible mo, bumili ka ng REVISED STANDARD VERSION at pakibasa ang Introduction, sinasabi doon na maraming MALI sa King James Version! example na jan ang I john 5:7

nagiging violent na pala ngyon ang mga taong nagsasabing BIBLE BELIEVING? hmmmm, ito kaya ang itinuro ni Kristo? Isa pa mahilig ka humatol sa kapwa mo as if nalalaman mo ang puso at isip ng lahat ng tao, ganyan ang mga religious leaders ng panahon ni Kristo, JUDGEMENTAL, NARROW MINDED, FANATIC at DOGMATIC. Hayaan nating si kristo at ang Dios ang humatol sino sa ating dalawa ang sinungaling, pero para magsalita kang sinungaling ako eh kailangang magharap tayo sa isang PUBLIC DEBATE.

hin di BOXING, DEBATE ang hamon ko sa iyo kaibigan, isang FRIENDLY DEBATE. at sasagutin ko lahat ang mga paratang mo, at isa pa, wala akong sinasabing tagapagtago ako ng mga ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS, pumunta ka lang sa PHILIPPINE CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE makakakita ka na ng mga Bible na nasa ORIGINAL HEBREW, GREEK AT ARAMAIC. Paano ka nakasisiguro na ang BIble na binabasa mo ay tama ang pagkakatranslate sa ORIGINAL Hebrew, Greek at Aramaic o ang binabasa mo ay salita at maling pagkakasalin ng mga TRASNSLATORS? Kapag mali ang salin mali ang turo, kapag mali ang turo mali ang paniniwala.

alam mo kapatid hindi ako galit sayo, at wala akong galit na nararamdaman para sayo, kundi tunay na pag-ibig, gaya ng utos ni Kristo na IBIGIN ANG ATING MGA KAAWAY hindi sinabing SUNTUKIN MO ang iyong kaaway. sa puntong ito, kapag nasusukol ka wala ka ng pinagkaiba sa mga taong mahilig sa basag ulo. nakaawa ang mga panatiko lalo na mga BAPTIST. anyway ang aming founder sa Amerika ay isang dating BAPTIST PASTOR. tulad ng ipinagmamalaki mong si Abante.

wala akong monopoly sa katotohanan, naniniwala ako na lahat tayo ay may taglay na katotohanan ngunit hindi lamang ako o ikaw ang may dala ng katotohanan, ang alam lang natin ay may maliliit tayong hawak na katotohanan at ito ay bahagi lamang ng mas malaking katotohanan. ang tunay na disipulo ni Kristo ay umiibig at hindi nanghahatol, violent o kung ano pa man, no wonder na ang mga religious fanatics noong panahon ni kristo ay pinagpapatay ang mga unang Kristiano maipagpilitan lamang ang kanilang mga paniniwalang balintuna.

nagsasalita lamang ako sa iyo kapatid, nagbabahagi ng aming munting kaalaman at baka magkaroon tayo ng mas magandang dialog na hindi kailangan ng dahas. wag mong ipagpalagay na ang mga comparison mo eh yun na yong kahulagan ng talatang binabasa mo, assumption mo lang yun sa talata at nakatitiyak ako mula sa original na HEBREW, GREEK AT ARAMAIC na out of context ka talaga.

to end this discussion, i love you with the love of the Lord, at ang Dios ang hahatol sa atin, wala tayong karapatang humatol sa iba dahil tayong lahat ay tagasunod lamang and Dios ang tagahatol. God bless sayo at sa iyong pamilya at lalong lalo na sa iyong church.

28. Hermie - December 10, 2006

Lam mo reg di pa naman kita hinahamon maki Boxing tinatanong lang kita kung pwede ka sa boxing. malay mo ba kung pwede ako e kung putol ang kamay ko di hindi ako pwede pero hindi ako atakbo. At boxing is a good sport ano akala mo kay manny pacquio violenteng tao. Saka kung sakaling mag boxing tayo e suntok pagmamahal ang aabutin mo. Hindi naman ako natatakot sayo sa PUBLIC DEBATE iniisip ko kawawa kalang.
Alam mo minamali mo kasi statement mo e sabi mo “Please study the ORIGINAL BIBLE which is the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic Manuscripts before quoting the Bible.” Ngayon sinasabi mo “mula sa original na HEBREW, GREEK AT ARAMAIC” They are not the Original Bible, kopya yan. Maari original na Hebrew yan Greek o Aramaic pero di yan ang Original Bible.
For your information mga Baptist ang biktima during Inquisition era ANA BAPTIST, PAULICIANS,etc. infact Sabi ni Cardinal Hosius (Catholic, 1524) President of Council of Trend: “Were it not that the Baptists have been greivously tormented and cut off with the knife during twelve hundred years, they would swarm in greater number than all the reformers.”( Hosius , Letters, Apud Opera pages, 112-113) And;
Sir Isaac Newton: “The Baptist the only body of known Christians that have never symbolized with Rome.
Alam mo naniniwala ako sa 2Ti 3:16 All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: KJV maybe not perfect but i believe it is the most near the Original. Still this wil not give me a right to say it is wrong. Kapal naman ng mukha mo sabihing mali.
Bakit tindi ba ng tama sayo ng pagkakakumpara ko. Isa pang katangian ng aso sa bibliya ay sila ang kumakain ng laman at dugo ng taong patay.
Ikaw kung paniwala mo hatutulan ka pa, But for me i believe in Rom 8:1 [There is] therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
I have personal galit sa iyo o kaninoman I just have to reply to the malicious acusation against the good Congresman. I know this venue is unfair to him, he will not have the change to be heared, I dont think he will dignify everything that was said against him here. But i have to say what i said. Heb 4:12 For the word of God [is](the Truth)….sharper than any twoedged sword, [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Search the truth it will set you free..
Rev 22:14 Blessed [are] they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
Rev 22:15 For without [are] dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.
or else….
Rev 22:11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.
Its your Choice….My friend..

29. mai - December 12, 2006

It is indeed unfair for Rep. Abante to have these negative if not absurd comments about him. Why? bec.Rep. Abante has no personal grudge for these people nor he has his personal agenda.The man is just simply standing for what his convictions tell him and he is NOT if i may repeat NOT doing this to judge these people but he is fighting for BIBLICAL MORALITY!

I’ve seen lots of glbt who rose from the rank in different fields of the society so what more freedom and equality could they ask for?They already have it in fact sometimes they abuse it. If we really love this nation and would love this nation to rise up let us all start from the basic-lets put back MORALITY & CHARACTER amongst filipinos.

What will happen to this nation if we will allow immorality ruin our dear nation. I am writing this entry in hope that glbt people would realize that they are not fighting for their freedo per se… they are destroying and depriving the next generation to live a decent life.

Homosexuality i believe is adopted by wrong environment.. i’ve seen, known and talked to homosexuals reasoning that they become like this bec. of the environment they grown up with. It’s not yet too late..change is never far to reach.

Rep.Abante has all the rights to speak out if he seems the nation is deem defeated and he just can’t shut off his mouth if he knows that bibilical morality is being maligned.

Counter check what are the consequences if the gay rights bill will be passed.Would you want your future kids to live in an immoral environment?it’s your choice…change is never far to reach.

30. fullman - December 13, 2006

I will never argue on the basis of any biblical scripture. after all, that’s the essence of human rights – whether one is a believer of christianity or islam, or even if one is a non-believer – we are all equal in terms of human rights and human dignity. even if you, hermie and mai, believe that homosexuality is immoral, your faith does not give you the license to discriminate.

and that’s exactly what’s wrong with Rep. Abante – as a public servant, he was sworn into office to defend and uphold the Constitution, not any sectarian beliefs. As the human rights chair, his duty is to uphold everyone’s rights, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. His homophobia clearly indicates that he has failed to fulfill his mandate as the chair of the human rights committee. And for such reason alone, he doesn’t deserve to be in that position.

31. hermie - December 13, 2006

I just reply according to the tenor of the malicious accusation bamboozled, trow and thrown against the Congressman.I have no personal hate to anyone. My argument enevitably based on a standard of belief I stand.
You know Fullman, I agree that we are all equal in many aspects as human being except on matters as the law provides otherwise based on valid distinction and reasonable classification.
Since you know and admit that we are equals, Our laws, Constitution, Civil, Political, Criminal and even Internatinals applies equally among equals. why then pass a bill that will place everything on unequal ground.
All my life I have never discriminate against gay, my cook before was one.There is no man common or unclean except insofar as to is act or behavior, that God commands to be separate and touch not the unclean. Vic has given instances of discrimination in his comment but those applies even to the straight, and the whole matters of corruption, etc.pertains to the deprvity of men. That is why we need the light from our Lord God through His word.
Ours is a Republican Government, no one is above the law, we adhere to the principles of Democracy wherein the majority rule. The Good Congressman as a Representative must never relinquish nor concede to the clamor of some sector of soceity at the expense and blatantly affect the welfare and common good of the whole soceity or community.
With that Rep Abante Uphold and sustain the Constitution and the Office sworn to serve by the very position of which he is now under attack, not merly by a sectarian beliefs but by the beliefs of majority and for the majority sake. Yes he has a duty to uphold everyone’s rights regardless of sexual orientationand gender identity, provided such rights do not affect other rights and provided it is for common good and welfare not for common danger and distruction.
Such being the case I submit That Congressman Abante deserved the Chair of the human rights committee for excellently and brillantllly protecting the rights of his constituent as well as the whole soceity.

32. mai - December 13, 2006

Let me clear my point fullman, that we are NOT DISCRIMINATING. our being believers did not gave us the right to discriminate. We don’t write these things to aflame your spirits..We come here to express our rights that as citizens,we also have all the rights to defend and protect this decaying society.

What is accepted in the society does not necessarily mean that it is right. The reason Rep.Abante is highly against this bill bec. it is anti-family, anti- filipino values and mostly anti-christianity of which this country is known for.He is not against the GLBT group personally what he is against is their wrong doings.

The very reason why he’s in that seat is to protect, uphold and preserve human rights. and that is what is exactly the GLBT is trying to destroy. They come to Rep.Abante in an all out war..but we believers come to them in God’s love. Pls.note that Fullman.

33. fullman - December 13, 2006

dearest hermie and mai,

you both claim that you don’t discriminate, but i can actually cite several statements you’ve made above that fits in the UN definition of discrimination. Incidentally, if you have read the bill at all, it follows the same definition.

No one in the LGBT community is asking for “special rights”. When we demand penalty for schools that discriminate against LGBT students on the basis of their sexual orientation, we are not asking for ‘special treatment’. We only want the right to education, as enshrined in the Constitution and in numerous international human rights conventions that we have signed, to be affirmed and upheld. When we call for fair treatment in employment, we are simply demanding for equal opportunities, something that is again in the Constitution and are part of our human rights obligations.

It is important to put this into law because even if they are in the Constitution, they are not self-enforcing. So you have to legislate these guarantees to provide a mechanism to enforce them.

What you are missing is that while you have the right to believe that homosexuality is unclean, such right does not give you any license to commit an act of discrimination. I won’t enter into biblical arguments, and I won’t dignify your hateful sentiments. Just remember that there are no majority or minority when it comes to human rights principles, and that the majority is not always homogenous. I do not believe in your religion, precisely because of the hatred that you and the likes of Rep. Abante espouse, but I will die in peace because I know that there are Christians who, unlike the both of you, view faith as a celebration of compassion and respect for human dignity.

I wish that you are happy that in this blog, you are able to express what’s in your conscience freely. Just note that there are Filipino LGBTs who, when they express their sentiments and beliefs, face abuse. They get mauled by their parents or their relatives. Lesbians get raped to cure them of their homosexuality. LGBT students face expulsion when they stand up for their sexuality.

What makes you special, then? Is it your claim that you are nearer to your god, that unlike you, we are – what is it again, Hermie – destined to burn in “Lagablab”. When you say we are a Christian nation, you erase the diversity of cultures and the multiplicity of our history. You likewise erase the many faces of Christianity that are more accepting. You drive away from your faith christians and non-Christians alike. And you claim that you don’t discriminate?

Rep. Abante has to be reminded that the democratic principles upon which our Constitution was established do not see you or me as Christian or non-Christian. Democracy sees all of us as members of the human family. And as a public servant, as someone who is enjoying our taxes, as someone who merely borrows his mandate from the sovereignty of the people, Rep. Abante has no business proselytizing. He’s there to see all of us as equals. The moment he sees otherwise simply means he doesn’t understand human rights at all, and thus he doesn’t deserve his position.

34. hermie - December 17, 2006

Fullman Your demand for right of education (though Schools have academic freedom, that is the right what, how and whom to teach),and rights relating to employments are every individuals rights, The provisions of Bill of Rights with 22 Sections(except sec.3(1),6,7and 19(2)expresslly provides enabling act) as well as other provisions of the Constitution are self executing law, in consonant with the decision enunciated by the Supreme Court, that Constitutional provisions are self executing unless otherwise provided. I hope you are not trying to modify the present ruling and jurisprudence of the highest court
One of the reason objectionable against the bill is that, while im/we exercising my/our freedom of expression by posting statements here we are branded as commiting an act of discrimination. How much more if the bill becomes law? It is discriminating in itself.
It might be true that there is no majority or minority in human rights principles, but insofar as the passage of the bill into law, the majorities common good and welfare must be taken for consideration.
I really do have a distinct definition of faith because my faith is directed towards God not man. Compassion and respect for human dignity is a natural tendency and an inborn attributes of man, consistent with biblical teachings to manifest such attributes.
Parents love their own children very much as I do, we know what is wrong and what is right and good for them. What you will be missing is to have one, unless you are capable for all type.
If you consider your self as a fallen angle then my statement is true la lagablab ka, the truth is everybody is a candidate of going there unless you have received the redeeming grace of God freely by repentance and acceptance through faith. I don’t drive away, we go and teach and I don’t discriminate it is free to everybody including you.
I don’t think Congressman Abante violate a single word in your last paragraph. He imparted his wisdom and it is on individuals conviction to accept it or not. Yes you are member of human family but your claim is not the claim of human family, not all human members are gays. Congressman Abante has the comprehensive understanding of Human rights because he protects the more significant rights of human family from eminent danger of infection. With that I submit Congressman Abante deserve his seat.

35. vic - December 22, 2006

for everyone: Read this article and you’ll see what a law against discrimination can help victims right the wrong committed by Police authorities:
Man hit by police demands inquiry

Seeks sensitivity training for officers for wrongful arrest, beating and anti-gay remarks

December 22, 2006
Tracy Huffman
Crime Reporter, Toronto Star

A man found by a jury to be a victim of “gay bashing” by Toronto police wants an inquiry into the conduct of the officers he says wrongly arrested him and beat him while making homophobic slurs.

“Accountability, that’s what I am looking for,” Robert Schisler, 53, told a news conference at his lawyer’s downtown office yesterday.

Earlier this week, the Ontario Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of a $600,000 judgment against several Toronto officers. It is believed to be the largest award against a police service in Canadian history.

“He was falsely accused of crimes by the police when, in fact, they were the ones who were guilty of misdeeds which included the beating and abusing of Robert Schisler, and misdeeds by superior officers, one of whom participated in the beating and another superior officer who wrongfully held him at 52 Division, regardless of his obvious injuries and need for assistance,” said Schisler’s civil lawyer, Hedy Epstein.

Schisler, who was a successful home renovator, doesn’t want to see the officers fired because he said that won’t fix the problem.

Instead he said they should have to undergo sensitivity training. The problem, Schisler said, goes far beyond a handful of officers and should be thoroughly examined, he said.

“This has got to stop,” he said.

Epstein said the case was fraught with police misconduct, from the arrest to missing evidence.

“Mr. Schisler wants whatever personal or systemic problems that led to his abuse at the hands of Toronto police officers to be independently examined so that … all people in the future will not be subjected to the suffering that Mr. Schisler had to endure,” Epstein said.

On July 22, 1999, Schisler was with a male friend in the back of his parked van when he said he saw several men in street clothes looking in the windows and shaking his vehicle.

Believing they were “thugs” he drove away. At no point did he know that any of them were police officers, he said.

He was stopped in the Isabella and Church Sts. area and charged with dangerous driving and assault resisting arrest. Those charges were stayed in 2001 for Charter violations.

He sued police and, after a three-week trial, a jury concluded the officers did not have reasonable grounds to arrest Schisler.

The jury also found that he was “intentionally restrained, confined or detained.”

Lawyer Devin Bains, who represented Schisler on the criminal proceedings, said the police admitted that Schisler was never doing anything illegal. But the police story changed several times, he said.

“It isn’t just that he is gay bashed by police. It’s that after the gay bashing … they laid fake charges against him to hide what they had done. How grotesque is that?” said Bains.

“If that’s not the soul of corruption, what is?”

Bains said the case is significant because “the jury didn’t believe anything the police were saying. They believed Mr. Schisler.”

Schisler, who had a net worth of nearly $1 million before the incident, lost everything as a result of his legal woes, he said. The stress of the legal battle led to an anxiety disorder, a relationship break-up and the loss of all his assets.

Friends took him in and supported him along the way, Schisler said, adding he lost two homes and has worked very little since the incident because he lacks focus.

Without those friends, he would have had nowhere to live, he said, fighting back tears.

Schisler filed a complaint with the Toronto Police Service shortly after his arrest, but that internal investigation never resulted in any action against the officers.

In the civil case, liability was apportioned among the defendants, including police officers Travis Clark, Tim Penman, Dale Connell, Bernard Flohr, Douglas Booth, Ernie Cossitt, Thomas Corbett, Fiona Greenaway and Jody Watson.

No one from the city police service has commented on the decision.

36. regen - February 26, 2007

hermie, tama ka sa sinabi mong ang original Hebrew, greek at aramaic ay copies lamang and sinasabi ko ito ang original na language na ginamit sa pagsulat ng biblia. paborito niyong mga baptist ang king james version samantalang mali naman ang translation na yan. anyway, patunayan mo muna na ang mga unang alagad ni kristo ay tinawag na mga “Baptist” ayon sa translation ng Biblia mo. bago ako maniwala sa mga quotations mo sa kung saang mga libro na yan.

hindi totoo na mga baptist “lamang” ang biktima ng inquisition era. huwag niyong solohin dahil maraming pang iba na naging biktima ng inquisition hindi lang ang mga baptist. Liban kay John the Baptist patunayan mo muna mula sa translation ng Biblia niyo na ang mga unang alagad ni Kristo ay tinawag na Baptist. tsaka ako maniniwala sa mga sinasabi mo kapatid.

37. rodel - February 26, 2007

talagang ang mga baptist ay walang pag-ibig sa kapwa. dito sa lugar namin napakaraming baptist na walang pag-ibig sa kapwa. may kilala pa nga akong pastor ng baptist na nang rape ng member niya eh, paano mo paniniwalaan ang mga baptist na yan katulad nitong hermie na to.

38. rodel - February 26, 2007

paborito mo talaga ang king james kapatid eto basahin mo na lang itong website na ito tungkol sa mga kamalian sa king james:

at for your information King James was Gay!

buksan mo sana ang puso mo kapatid na baptist.

39. Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? » Ecstacy EcstaNO! - March 3, 2007

[…] and use of this illegal drug, it will hinder our call for greater acceptance in this society.  Politicians who are hell-bent on blocking the passage of House Bill 634 (The Anti-Discrimination Bill) will be […]

40. shameless, pretty shameless « fullman - May 25, 2007

[…] The guy deserves it. I just hope that the next House leadership would realize that he doesn’t have the credibility to head the House Committee on Human Rights. ‘Hall of Shame’ Exposes Dangers of High-Level Homophobia International Day Against Homophobia Highlights Persistence of Prejudice […]

41. hiutopor - September 19, 2007

Hi all!

Very interesting information! Thanks!


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