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House human rights chair: Anti-Discrimination Bill to invite wrath of God November 22, 2006

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A battle to pass a human rights measure penalizing discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders is raging in the House of Representatives, where the incumbent Chairperson of the Committee on Human Rights, Rep. Bienvenido Abante (6th Distict, Manila City), is ironically blocking the bill’s passage. In a controversial speech delivered last Monday, Rep. Abante, who is also a Baptist pastor, charged that the enactment of the bill would invite the wrath of God and would mean “death to the most cherished Filipino values of Godliness and moral rectitude.”

Abante on ADBIn his speech, entitled “Rejecting a Culture of Death,” Rep. Abante said that the bill is against the equal protection clause of the Constitution because it gives undue preference to lesbians and gays.

Rep. Abante, using boxers Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales as examples, wrongly explained:

Please allow me to illustrate for purposes of clarity. Let us imagine a scenario in a workplace, there are two persons whom we may call Pacquiao, as a straight male, and the other, Morales, as a homosexual. Both Manny and Morales are eligible for a job promotion. Their supervisor whom we may call Arum hates homesexuals and thus, chooses Pacquiao to go up the corporate ladder. Under House Bill No. 634, Morales could pursue charges against the supervisor, and the latter maybe penalize for his personal preference in favor of the straight male. However, let us try to reverse the situation at this particular example. What if the supervisor chooses Morales, the homosexual, over Pacquiao, the straight guy? Does Pacquiao who was discriminated against in this instance, have a cause of action against the supervisor? Under House Bill No. 634, there is no pain of penalty against the biased supervisor.

He also said that LAGABLAB, which openly called for Rep. Abante’s resignation as the Chair of the human rights committee, is still loved by God: “Mr. Speaker, I was told that the Lagablab Organization has declared an open war against me. That they will even campaign hard against me in my district. That I might not be voted upon. Huwag naman, Mr. Speaker. Hindi ko sila kaaway, Mr. Speaker. (I hope not, Mr. Speaker. They are not my enemies). But you know what, even if the Lagablab group has declared an open war against me, I declare to them the love of God because God loves them very much, Mr. Speaker.

He questioned “the constitutionality of the bill on moral grounds. The Philippine Constitution, beginning with its Preamble and Sections 12 and 13 in Article II, including a full article about the family in Article XV, is replete with provisions that guarantee the sanctity of the Filipino family as the foundation of the nation and the development of moral character. Perhaps it should be interesting to note for your information, that when American society defines a family, they define a family as two persons and a pet. Is that how the Filipino culture defines a family, Mr. Speaker?” asked Rep. Abante.

Rep. Abante likewise liberally quoted controversial feminist Camille Paglia to demonize homosexuality: “Let me share with you, the observations lesbian activist Camille Paglia offered and I quote, ‘Homosexuality is not normal.’ That’s what she said and she is a lesbian activist, Mr. Speaker. ‘On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm. Nature exists, whether academics like it or not and in nature, procreation is that single relentless rule that is the norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction. No one is born gay.’ She said that ‘the idea is ridiculous. Homosexuality is an adaptation, not an inborn trait.'”

Ironically, after claiming that the homosexual lifestyle is an infection from the West, Rep. Abante had no qualms about promoting homophobia through the Christian doctrine, which was introduced to the Philippines through its colonizers from the “West,” Spain and the United States.

Rep. Abante lifted several passages from the Bible. “If I may quote, Genesis, Chapter I, when it spoke of creation, the Bible says, “Male and female created Eden.” I do not find in the Bible that God created male and female and the in-betweens. Mr. Speaker, I find in the Bible that God created Adam and Eve. I do not find in the Bible that God created Adam and Steve,” said Rep. Abante.

With a thunderous voice, he warned Congress against inviting the wrath of God by approving the bill. “We cannot legislate on these. To abet sin and ungodliness is to invite the wrath of God upon ourselves and our God-loving nation,” cautioned Rep. Abante.

“It has been written, Romans 1:18, 27-28 ‘For the wrath of God’, and what is the ‘wrath of God’? That is more than anger, Mr. Speaker, ‘is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men . . . for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature; and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves the recompense of their error which was meet.’,” Rep. Abante added.

He said that even in Islam, homosexuality is not acceptable. “if the homosexual is married, he or she is stoned to death, while if single, he or she is whipped 100 times,” Rep. Abante said.

To the delight of his followers, Rep. Abante said that no one should go against God. “Mr. Speaker, my being a male is not my choice, that was Divine choice. Women being women is not their choice, that is Divine choice, and no human being has the right to go against God’s choice, Mr. Speaker,” claimed Rep. Abante.

For his privilege speech, Rep. Abante mobilized Christian and Catholic organizations, among them the Holy Cross Parish, Holy Spirit Parish, the Ascension Parish, San Roque Parish from Diocese of Caloocan, the Alliance of Familes, the “Bible Mode” of the Believers League for Morality and Democracy and the Alliance of Baptist Councils and the International Baptist Missionary Association, Christian Leaders for Good Governance, the PCEC and the Baptist Bible Fellowship of the Philippines. COURAGE, an organization of ex-gays, was also present during his privilege speech. All in all, Rep. Abante claimed that there were more than 200 individuals present in the chamber, representing around 35, 000 churches around the country.

Rep. Abante warned fellow legislators that “our churches all over the country have decided to come together as one to rebuke public officials who would in any way support” bills like the Anti-Discrimination Bill.

After lambasting the Anti-Discrimination Bill, the solon proceeded to demonize the Responsible Parenthood Bill, a reproductive rights measure that seeks to promote the sexual and reproductive health of Filipinos. He called the bill anti-family and warned that condoms and sex education for young Filipinos would promote sexual promiscuity and decadence.

Rep. Abante was interpellated by several legislators (we will post the transcript of the debate instigated by Abante’s speech later). The authors of the bill, AKBAYAN Reps. Etta Rosales, Mayong Aguja, and Risa Hontiveros decided against “dignifying Abante’s bigotry,” bu the latter made a manifestation to express AKBAYAN’s objection to Abante’s homophobia.

Download the entire speech here.


1. Dexter De Luna - November 22, 2006

i think rep. abante is always considering his other profession as i have read that rep. abante is an “pastor” his word was taken from his religious group. he is following there vision or mission that god only created man and women not gay or lesbian… thats why he is against this bil to be pass a law. in that case he is not a good rep. in his case a true leader has an equality…. equality that he doesn’t in both side… my comment in this that he is not a good leader….
he doesn’t think first, almost of the gays and lesbian are artistic.. almost the celebreties from mass media and showbiz are gay and lesbian… there are one who have thee talents…
my stand is Rep. Abante must resign as a Rep. as i suggest that he must only concentrate for being a pastor … he does not belong in this politics…. resign..! RESIGN>>>>>……..!…DExter de Luna
Alumni of 6th Young Mens Camp…..lets help to pass this bill!

2. Dan Brown - November 22, 2006

Award ka! Wit kita ilalagay ever sa balota!

3. NOLI - November 22, 2006

i condemn the statement of rep Abante.He is blind of the concerns of gays and lesbians. We are for equality and recognition…PASS THE ANTI DISCRIMINATION BILL NOW… WE DEMAND ABANTE’S RESIGNATION AS CHAIR OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

4. kc - November 22, 2006

umatras ka hayop ka… wag kang umabante ever

5. Lily B. McBeth - November 23, 2006

This man is a SORRY EXAMPLE of those who fail to recognizing the diversity of GOD’S Creation and should not be in the position he holds using it to promote HIS personal agenda. How desperate can a Baptist be to seek help from the Roman Catholics who they rejected to so they could have their own way.Some how he has not learned about the principle of the seperation of Church & state.Could be in the closet himself.

6. Jei - November 23, 2006

Abante, quit acting so damned righteous!! I agree with Dexter De Luna, abante should resign from his post and just concentrate with his pastoral position. His ignorant reasons have no connection to reality. He is not in the Church, and not all filipinos are christian.

7. danielle concepcion - November 25, 2006

I do not see the point of allowing this bill to be passed in congress. In the first place, It is the gays and pepole of their kind who always discriminate other persons. they are the loudest in the offices and even in the streets that at times i would think they are just seeking for attention. they tend to bully good people- hungry for superiority and attention? go up the ladder in a clean way don’t mess with straight people they dont do you any harm. gays and such are the persons who are fond of talking perverse conversations and they claim its okay. It is never okey to alter whatever it is that God has created – it is against nature and it is against the will of God. I understand that gays and lesbians are one of the loneliest people on earth simply because they went against nature and the will of God. Anybody who goes against God’s will is the loneliest because he/she does not gain the smile of God. Upon reading the excerpt of Cong. Abante’s privilege speech, i figured that he has a point and he conveyed it in a rather vivid and respectable manner. I think that you people should start reading your Bible so you would understand what the Representative is talking about. We have so much human rights laws already and we do not need another one like this. If you people fight for equality then play fair don’t seek for special attention, you are neither invalids nor retards…we are EQUAL remember?

8. vic - November 26, 2006

What has Religion got to do with good Governance? We are talking Human Rights here. Do you think that PM Paul Martin who ignored his church threat to refuse administering communion (or whatever) to him for refusing to appeal the courts ruling declaring the law that marriage is only legal between man and woman unconstitutional, is less religious than anyone? Do you think that the Justices of Canada SC are a bunch of Ignorant, Immoral beings for confirming the Lower Courts Rulings that Equality applies to all, Atheists, Believers, Agnostics, Pagans, meaning ALL…And do you think we are a less moral, corrupt society because we penalized discrimination in all forms? Think Again your rightful hypocrites. Quote a passage here and there in the Bible to justify the Stone Age belief that being Gays, Lesbians had melted the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and forget that Hatred at Present is your Sodom plus your Gomorrah.. To quote the Great Pierre Elliot Trudeau “the Government has no Business in the Nation’s Bedroom”. And that government includes the Politicians, the Legislature that should have the Anti-Hate, Anti-Discrimination Laws passed and Strongly Enforced Long Long time ago…..

And to say that the action of the Group is what the Good representative is against with, what specific actions he meant? Rep. Abante has no right to Judge the Morality of individuals, if any individual breaks the law, whether such individual is gay, straight, politician, rich or poor or even Rep. Abante himself, then bring him to account for his/her trespasses in the court of Law and let everyone answer to their own God in their own way. Let’s move on people, we can always keep our morality, our righteousness, but let us not suppress the rights of others. gone are the days when witches are torched in the stakes. Gone are the days when pagans are crusified. Crusades are centuries agone. Religion is your private affair. Don’t bring it to the hall of Congress or the hallowed court of The SC>Please…

9. Martin - November 26, 2006

Ah, the pious fool makes a sorry attempt to pass sexual discrimination through highly specious analogies. It’s both funny and sad. Someone take him down. Human rights chair my ass.

10. Jei - November 27, 2006

danielle concepcion, how judgemental.. how can you prove that we are the loneliest people on earth? Why do you stereotype all gays and lesbians are loud, seeking attention, etc? What makes you think that you are cleaner than us? Please stop being hypocrite, remember, all have sin and NO ONE is righteous. Please stop talking about God when we are talking about Law. The Anti-Discrimination Bill has nothing to do with your bible or god. We only seeks protection from being discriminated because of sexual orientation (which is always the case in the philippines). Why dont you open your heart and understand other minorities. Why dont you put yourself in our situation and feel the pain when someone discriminates you? This is reality and I am sure you are aware even if you are straight, that discrimination and homophobic exist highly in the philippines.

11. vic - November 28, 2006

Is God A politician? I don’t think so. We had a Babtist Minister, who became a Politician way back some 60 years ago. Once Elected to the office he set aside his Biases about his Religion and work for the Interest of the Public. His Name is Tommy Douglas. click for more of Tommy Douglas:


He is named The Grestest Canadian of All Time. I hope Rep. Abante will do the right thing and serve his Master well.

12. jojo - December 2, 2006

To all lagablab members,

I fully understand your condition and position in life. Yes, perhaps it is not your choice to be gay or lesbian (or whatever you may call yourselves) as many of you have claimed. But I am sorry to say because I am pretty sure that it is not God who made you that way. If you will ask me who made you that way the answer is very simple. It is the product of sin and you know who the author of sin is? It is the devil. In short homosexuality and lesbianism are nothing but develish or satanic. It might be a strong and really descriminating statement but I can not find any beatiful description other than what I have described. But let me be clear to you. I am not against you as a person. I believe that many of you are good people and you have helped many in their financial needs. Many of you are successful in business and other professional fields.But there is one thing about you that ought to be changed and you know what I mean. Listen, to be what God created you to be is still the most intelligent, reasonable, happy and fulfilling life. Homosexuality is not a hopeless case. Come to Jesus Christ and He can change you and give you real meaning in life. May God convict you and please try to understand the good congressman from the 6th district of manila. He is just concern for you and to the rest of the filipino people.

13. vic - December 3, 2006


If you think all the defenders of the Human Rights and Anti-Hate and discriminations are Gays and Lesbians, then your Bias and your bigotry are exposed, and no amount of I’m sorry or your invoking God’s name can deny. I am a straight man, as straight as your flagpole. And if you are not a product of the original sin, who are you? a test tube baby?

And if Jesus had given you a real meaning of life, please keep it to yourself along with your Good congressman from the 6th district who like most politicians as you and I had known, (I meant Philippines Politicians) only concern their own interests and their own wallets. But just a friendly reminder though, if you happen to visit my country or happen to come here someday, remember, discriminating against anyone base on sexual orientation is a Criminal Offense and can get you and your good friend congressman Abante a nice holiday inside our Jail…

14. loyd - December 5, 2006

When I was in high school, my PE teacher gave me a failing grade, even though I was a performing member of the volleyball team and have never missed PE class. My mom was alarmed because I was running for top honors and any failing grade (even in PE) would disqualify me for that. My mom went to school to talk to my PE teacher who said point-blank that he gave me a failing grade because I was acting too “feminine” and gay. To add insult to injury, my mom said that we should just accept things as they are, that It was my fault and that I should have acted differently. My classmate who never attended PE class got a high grade just because he is straight. There was no due process because there is nothing on paper to help me. There was no law to say that I deserved due process and that there should be a fair investigation. Yes, that’s right. We gays have been taught by our more “superior” straight cousins that we should just keep quiet and swallow our bitter pill. It was always our fault because we go against the will of God and that we are aberrations. I was traumatized then and I say, THIS CANNOT GO ON. We are not asking for special rights, we are asking for equal rights, for due process. Belgim, the Netherlands and Spain already have some form of this anti-discrimination bill. Where is that wrath of God we were warned about? The oppressed can only take so much. Rep Abante should learn from history. The French revolution happened as a retaliation against the excesses of the aristocracy and the abusive clergy. This event is partly the reason why France is what it is today. Where do we want the Philippines to be?

15. carlos - December 5, 2006

The arguments “Being gay is not natural” has long been proven to be incorrect. There are many books and articles written about homosexual activity in nature (there are gay penguins, birds and rabbits). “It is against the will of God”.. who knows exactly what is God’s will anyway. So many atrocities have been committed in the “name of God”, the Crusades, the Salem Witch Trials, the Grand Spanish Inquisition, the concerted deaths of the Knights Templar etc. It is a pity that this still happens in our modern, more enlightened age. “This anti-discrimination bill goes against the nuclear family”. A family is defined as a group of people who have strong attachments, support and care for each other. Maybe Filipinos need to redefine what families are in the context of single parent households and families of OFWs.

I think that this resistance against the passage of the anti-discrimination is the defense of people against change. It is a normal antibody reaction. But most organic defense systems would eventually have to adapt to a changing environment… We are creating this change… we will get there.

16. Vaan - December 8, 2006

To think about it…

>Being a man or a woman is NOT a personal choice, so does being a homosexual. We did not wake up one day and said “Hey, I’ll be gay today; anyway I have nothing else to do”. It is not a choice! We are born this way and I honestly feel that it’s true. This is what we are… and to deny what we are and to ignore our plea for equality is something born out of hate, fear, ignorance and selfishness. We may look, sound and act different from heterosexuals but we are still people, we are still citizens of this country and with that we have as much right to defend ourselves and those who are like us from the hate that causes pain, from the fear that makes us different, from the ignorance that separates us, and for the selfishness that denies our well being.

>God is love and to love is to be selfless & to be understanding.
Love does not build walls of ignorance but builds bridges of selflessness.

>Politics and Religion don’t mix.

17. Vaan - December 8, 2006

Oh yeah, a follow up on those guys who think it is stupid for us to fight for our rights…

If our plea for equality is pointless,
Then why do we steadfastly fight for it!?

If we just want special attention
Isn’t there a better way to get notice rather than this?!

If we’re the loneliest persons in earth
Then what’s this expression why are we called “gay”?!

If God hates us
Shouldn’t we be burning in agony by now?

Why am I revolted by these guys?
Because they’re giving me the reason to!

“Kung ang Panginoon ay kayang umunawa, makinig, magmahal, magpatawad… tayo pa kaya?!”

18. JDJ-CHRISTIAN - December 8, 2006


We are not here to dicriminate or acuse anyone! Yeah we are all equal, specially in the eyes of God! And HE made only “2” equal people, man and woman! Just want to remind you regarding our stand way way back on this issue. Before, gays or lesbians hide their real self, they hide being a gay or lesbian. Because why? It’s because people BEFORE have a MORE MORAL understanding and stand regarding MORAL Standards. Either Biblical basis or just moral understanding of What is good and evil. Passing out a bill in congress or whatever rule is NOT DISCRIMINATING anyone’s rights. Most specially from a man or woman who’s Biblically knowledgeable. That bill is not to destroy gays and lesbians. It is basically elliminating the bad influences that it would cause us. For instance, like what i’ve said a while ago that before being a gay or lesbian is tightfully hidden due to it’s not a good influence, most specially to children. But now???? What can we see???? This is basically the meaning of sin being tolerated and becomes a normal habbit nowdays. And not just being a gay/lesbians, ALL KIND OF SIN being tolerated will one day become GOOD to people. And it is not acceptable in God’s point of view. No matter where we will use that SIN, SIN IS STILL SIN! And it is therefore punishable under GOD’s LAW! It’s like the story of Robinhood and his comrades. They’re thieves, (GOOD THIEVES they say), oh yeah!!! They’re good bunch of people who STEALS riches, golds, silver and other useful things and give it to the poor. Oh yeah, it is one good thing they did. And most of us are like that!!!! But hey hey hey! Let us be reminded, that it is still a SIN!!!! White or Black LIES = SIN. Big Sin and/or Small Sin = SIN. SIN = PUNISHMENT! That’s for everyone! I’m talking general here. What i’m saying here are all but God’s Word for us. I’m not the one who just made it up or read from magazines or any other books.

Let me give you a trivia, have you thought of what’s happening to our society right now? No, No…. not just in our government… i’d say the incidents lately?? Typhoons, floods, city by city being flooded or brought down…. what is that? Isn’t that GOD’s WRATH??? Oh, and by the way, i’ve heard another news just last night…. another typhoon will come here… sooner or later… what is that??? Just an accident?? Noooo!!!!! It’s the 2nd time for year 2006 that we had such troublesome incident as this, as i recall! And yet, in the news, another one WILL COME AGAIN! Oh yeah, it’s JUST WAITING!!!! WAITING TO DESTROY AGAIN, IF WE DON’T RENEW OUR MINDSETTINGS TOWARD THIS VERY SITUATIONS. What is the point of Rep. Abante? It is not to condemn anyone? He has NO RIGHT! Neither anyone of us! He is just telling us, warning us, that we must therefore renew our devotion and change our behaviours toward our GOD and HIS COMMANDMENTS. Let us open our eyes and mind toward these things.

If we really want to be free from all these plague, all these troubles and unwanted missunderstanding between the government and masa… if we want this nation to change and prosper…



Let me rephrase what a famous president in america declared to the people – NO ONE, CAN RIGHTLY GOVERN A NATION WITHOUT THE BIBLE. No one can rightly govern anything WITHOUT GOD’s WORD – BIBLE. No one can achieve anything without God.


Let me end with these words of wisdom:

II Cor. 5:17 – Therefore, If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are past away, behold, ALL THINGS ARE BECOMING NEW.

Ask this question to yourself:
– If we call this nation a GOD-FEARING nation. If we call this nation a religious nation. Why isn’t it that we suffer such trials and plagues? Why isn’t it that we’re now experiencing God’s Wrath?

– If we truly are a nation who fears God. We must be changed as what II Corinthians states. Therefore if anyman be in Christ, he is a new creature, a new man, a changed man. One who knows what God wants him/her to do. A born-again person. Taken away from the pits of eternal destruction – HELL. A blessed man by God.

– Question?
So why do we experience all of these? It’s because we violate what we said that we are a God-fearing nation.

Want to change this nation? Let’s Change Our Lives first according to what God wants!!! That’s the solution. Do each other’s responsibility. STOP the TURO-HABIT!

“I’M A CHRISTIAN, who happens to be a citizen of the philippines. Not a citizen who JUST HAPPENS TO BE A CHRISTIAN!”

19. vic - December 8, 2006

“Let me give you a trivia, have you thought of what’s happening to our society right now? No, No…. not just in our government… i’d say the incidents lately?? Typhoons, floods, city by city being flooded or brought down…. what is that? Isn’t that GOD’s WRATH??? Oh, and by the way, i’ve heard another news just last night…. another typhoon
will come here”…JDJ-CHRISTIAN>

Better stand by the corner with the placard stating the ” the End is Near, repent you Gays and Lesbian”. What a BS. You know why evetime there were Natural disasters there were many victims, becuase of your impotence leaders who stole all the money, otherwise spent on preparedness. Had the relocated the villages along the vicinity of the active Volcano or having enough emergency euiptment and vehicles to evacuate these people to safer ground during emegencies, do you thing such tragedies will happen in such magnitude. If God really indeed punish those who do not discriminate against His other creations like the mentally and physically disabled, the Gays and The Lesbians, why Did that we in our society passed a law, long before you had awaken against discriminating anyone in regards to their Sexual Orientation are Blessed with God’s Blessing? Why do we have a kind of Government with negligible Corruptions of all kind? Why do we are not discriminated in our place of works, when we all look different from one another, in colour, race, even in languages? Like when yesterday, our Parliamentarian affirmed that the law that states that marriage is only between “A man and a woman to the exclusion of all others” Unconstitutional and that all same sex marriages are now Legal. And why do our same sex couples here in the thousands are much happier than your so-called normal couples over there? Are we doing the right thing? That is why we are Blessed? If not, then 32 millions Canadians can not be all wrong..And by the way I am straight..

20. Hermie - December 9, 2006

What do you call of these?
According to the Centers for Disease Control, the No. 1 cause of the spread of AIDS in the U. S. (47 percent) is “MALE-TO-MALE SEXUAL CONTACT,”

AIDS Cases by Exposure Category
Exposure is the way of reporting HIV cases by how they were spread. It is described by transmission categories. Six common transmission categories are MALE-TO-MALE SEXUAL CONTACT, injection drug use, MALE-TO-MALE SEXUAL CONTACT and injection drug use, heterosexual (male-female) contact, mother-to-child (perinatal) transmission, and other (includes blood transfusions and unknown cause).
Following is the distribution of the estimated number of diagnoses of AIDS among adults and adolescents by exposure category. A breakdown by sex is provided where appropriate.
Exposure Category Estimated # of AIDS Cases, in 2004
Male Female Total
Injection Drug Use 5,968 3,184 9,152
Male-to-male sexual contact & injection drug use 1,920 – 1,920
Heterosexual contact 5,149 7,979 13,128
Other** 298 279 577

Dont make it happend in the Philippines!!!

21. fullman - December 13, 2006

“Dont make it happend (sic) in the Philippines!!!”

Funny, but if we are to follow your argument, Hermie, we should condemn our OFWs. According to the domestic HIV/AIDS Registry, HIV infection is more prevalent among OFWs. Is it because of God’s wrath, too.

The truth is (and here let’s use the available evidence), HIV/AIDS is more difficult to combat in an environment where sectarianism and stigma persist. HIV devastated the gay community in San Francisco because of ignorance, and it remains to be prevalent among males who have sex with males in other parts of the US because people like you would rather refuse to accept condoms as one of the most relevant tools to prevent HIV and STI infection.

Why is HIV infection prevalent among heterosexuals? because of ignorance. like you, they believe that HIV is a gay disease. your hatred against homosexuals won’t protect you from HIV.

22. hermie - December 17, 2006

Ha ha thank you Fullman im really ignorant to your kind of craft and specialties. The main reason i post statistics in america, because in eastern Europe and central asia as well as south and south east asia statistic of which the Philippines belongs MSM is not prevalent as compare with Latin america, the proliferation of AIDS/HIV is devastating to think of. I refused to make that happen in the Phil. And fullman too fool enough to point the blame among heterosexuals of refusing to use condoms. There is no, so called heterosexuals making sex with homosexuals if he does they are both homosexuals no matter what he wants to be called. That homosexuality is a contegous, infectious deceased corollary to HIV/AIDS.
yes it wont protect us but God will.

23. vic - December 20, 2006

Talking about HIV/AIDS, it is much more prevalent in African Countries among heterosexuals and is spread more because of ignorance combine with extreme poverty, and sosmetime just plain stubborness on the male macho image. Pray tell me that in this country where homosexuals can even legally marry with the same rights as man/woman marriage and sex is none of no one’s business among consenting adults, why we have less incidents of HIV/AIDS? Just don’t tlell that God plays favoritism when it comes to dealing with His Creation. While you’re at it wheter it is against your religion of your belief it is now established that circumsicion helps minimize the infection of HIVs and also good for personal hygience. And before you go any further I’m straight, but the defender of rights of everyone, including mine…

24. purple_indigo - January 7, 2007

Hoy Abante! kahit ano mangyari mahal talaga ako ng Diyos…. at kapag sabay tayo namatay, for sure mas mauuna ka pa sa impyerno…kahit magtagal ako sa purgatoryo…langit pa din ang punta ko kasi hindi ko hinarangan ang karapatan ng kapwa ko…

25. kai - February 23, 2007

I totally support Abante in preserving the values of the family- whether Filipino or any nationality. As I was reading the comments of people, it disheartens me how the secular world has distorted truths and how good the media is in instilling these immoral values in their hearts and minds because they sincerely believe in what they are saying but a big mistake. If you don’t support Abante’s values what do you think will happen to the Philippines in the near future? Nawala na ang family composed of man, woman and children. Mawawala na rin ang children in the future because of these “trend”. It’s all a culture of death. “Abortion, homosexuals, euthanasia, etc..” Just because of the growing secular mentality of the Filipino people. It si very sad that even christians are thinking this way. I hope that there will be more value and faith based politicians to help our country for the better.

26. Nelson - February 26, 2007

I think it’s still a HIGHER SIN to JUDGE and CONDEMN people because they are homosexuals than (supposedly) being homosexuals themselves.

Enough said.

27. marc - February 28, 2007

“a man being a man is not their choice and that it was a divine choice. Women being a women is not their choice, that is Divine choice, and no human being has the right to go against God’s choice”.
Let us say that Mr. Abante is right but is it not true that Gays and Lesbians did not made the choice of being who are they now. Is it their fault that they find attraction with his/her same sex.

28. marc - February 28, 2007

Y not just accept and adapt the changing phenomenon…
by the way im straight…

29. vic - March 18, 2007

kai – February 23, 2007said: “If you don’t support Abante’s values what do you think will happen to the Philippines in the near future? Nawala na ang family composed of man, woman and children. Mawawala na rin ang children in the future because of these “trend”. It’s all a culture of death. “Abortion, homosexuals, euthanasia, etc..” Just because of the growing secular mentality of the Filipino people”

Nothing can be further from the truth. What’s happening to the Philippines right now, is even worse for it refuses to change and recognizes that One’s man value, that of Mr. Abante matters, even when it violates the rights and freedoms of a certain group in a society and to impose one’s value at the position of power is the worst type of discrimination.

What would happen to the Filipino Cultures if we don’t support one man’s value of morality? It will grow stronger for everyone has a free choice. You don’t have to look any farther than the Progressive Countries like Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, and others where total respect for Human Rights exist and see that the Family Unit is even stronger and compare to the Philippines where now is one of the highest rate of single parent family without the proper social support for her abandoned mothers and broken families. do tell me if Mr. Abante does something about it??

30. manunga - April 20, 2007

Ay naku…

Para sa mga tumututol sa anti-dicrimination bill na ito… tanong ko lang. NABASA NIYO NA BA YUNG BILL? Alam niyo ba kung tungkol saan ito??

The bill simply wants to ensure that the LGBT community are not discriminated against in the workplace and in school just on the basis of their gender identity. Yun lang. WALANG SPECIAL TREATMENT SILANG HINIHINGI. Ang gusto lang gawin ng bill ay wag nang maulit ang mga nangyayari sa maraming lugar na may mga extudyanteng bumabagsak o manggagawang hindi makapagtrabaho o nasisisante dahil lang sa sila’y bakla o tomboy. MASAMA BANG HILINGIN YUN? WALA BA SILANG KARAPATAN NA HILINGIN YUN? HINDI ITO USAPING RELIHIYON — IT IS A SIMPLE MATTER OF DEMANDING FOR YOUR RIGHTS AS A HUMAN BEING. WHY WOULD ANYONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE GOD-FEARING WANT TO STAND IN THE WAY OF THAT??? WHYYYYYYYYYYY?????

Hay naku talaga. Mas gugustuhin ko pang maging “makasalanang”
bakla o tomboy kesa maging hateful hypocrite na kung maka-invoke sa Diyos ay ganun ganun na lang, pero wala namang generosity whatsoever sa puso!


31. Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? » Blog Archive » Filipino Solon in Gay Hall of Shame - May 19, 2007

[…] who is this Filipino Congressman? Bienvenido Abante is the Congressman of the 6th District of Manila, who is seeking reelection in this year’s […]

32. Grace of Abu Dhabi - May 27, 2007

Okay, guys. Tapos na ang unang boxing. The truth has once again prevailed. Congressman Abante has won the elections which basically proves that there are still alot of God-fearing people in the Philippines who only stand by truth and righteousness.

It is good that in that part of the country, sexual perversion and homosexuality are not condoned.

If the gays and lesbians seek equality in the country, they have it already, sometimes even more than the straight ones. As they said, they excel in some industries, which we can not deny. But trying to weasel their way to dominate the country and have the public to condone their acts is too much. If you lambast Congressman Abante for standing up for what he believes is right, then you yourselves are denying the solon his right to freedom of expression. You are openly urging the public to discriminate people like him, hence distorting your claim for anti-discrimination.

If you want to be treated fairly, act decently with full honesty and integrity. If you think you are gay, well, I cannot negate on that. But if you complain for being unfairly treated because you have flaunted your perversion and sexual misdemeanor, well, I guess it’s your fault.

Congressman Abante won, therefore we are assured that someone is up there fighting for what is right. The war against corruption of values continues. It is not just about volume. It’s about the content. You may be the loudest critics this righteous congressman has, but that does not make you right.

33. Gian S. - May 31, 2007

Those who claim that sexual orientation is a choice are misinformed. First of all, did the straight people here choose to be straight? No. Gay people have gone through intensive therapy programs trying to change their sexual preference with no success whatsoever. Second, scientific studies suggest that sexual preference is NOT a choice and is IRREVERSIBLE. According to the American Psychological Association, arguably the foremost authority on psychological matters:


“Human beings can not choose to be either gay or straight. Sexual orientation emerges for most people in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. Although we can choose whether to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.”

“The reality is that homosexuality is not an illness. It does not require treatment and is not changeable.”

“Psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals agree that homosexuality is not an illness, mental disorder or an emotional problem. Over 35 years of objective, well-designed scientific research has shown that homosexuality, in and itself,is not associated with mental disorders or emotional or social problems. Homosexuality was once thought to be a mental illness because mental health professionals and society had biased information. In the past the studies of gay, lesbian and bisexual people involved only those in therapy, thus biasing the resulting conclusions. When researchers examined data about these people who were not in therapy, the idea that homosexuality was a mental illness was quickly found to be untrue.”

“Can Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexuals Be Good Parents?

Yes. Studies comparing groups of children raised by homosexual and by heterosexual parents find no developmental differences between the two groups of children in four critical areas: their intelligence, psychological adjustment, social adjustment, and popularity with friends. It is also important to realize that a parent’s sexual orientation does not dictate his or her children’s.”

Many of you are also misinformed/uninformed about what it means for something to be natural. Homosexuality IS natural. It is supported by evolution. For example, anthropologists are now saying that homosexuals in earlier societies increased the reproductive success rate of their kin because they cared for other couples’ offspring, thus increasing the offspring’s chance for livelihood.

However, this is just one theory exploring the relationship between evolution and homosexuality. More could be found here:


Click to access NEL2206…carella%5F.pdf

Religion should NEVER be infused with state matters. It is appalling that religious arguments are being used in legal matters. What about religious minorities? The Bill of Rights of the US Constituion, for example, is created so that minority rights are protected. By allowing religion to influence the law, the Philippine government is being prejudiced against people of other faiths like Shinto, Bahai’i, Buddhism, Hindu, Judaism (among others) as well as agnosticism and atheism. I encourage people to also THINK about their faiths and simply not accept those they were born into. Your faith is genuine only if it withstands rigorous scrutiny. I’ve always found it weird that ~90% of Filipinos are Catholic… it’s like they just accept the religion without question. Hmm, and yet the country has a high crime rate and rampant corruption. Interesting. The secular countries are the ones that do well in the world and contribute to the most good (i.e. Western nations donating to charities and such). It’s also interesting that there’s an inverse correlation between one’s religiosity and intelligence.


Basically, Mensa concludes that:
“The higher one’s intelligence or education level, the less one is likely to be religious or hold ‘beliefs’ of any kind.”

“A survey published in Nature in 1998 confirms that belief in a personal God or afterlife is at an all time low among the members of the National Academy of Science, only 7.0% of which believed in a personal God.”
Btw, Einstein doesn’t believe in a personal God either.

It’s foolish to bring up religion in stately affairs because NO ONE KNOWS for sure about heaven and hell and all that crap. There’s a reason why religion is strictly about FAITH AND BELIEFS. Stately matters should be based on empirical evidence only- no excuses.

Have a nice day.

34. Gian S. - May 31, 2007

Also, homosexuality exists in the wild, with most species, if not all, practicing homosexual behavior. HOMOSEXUALITY IS NATURAL. I don’t get people’s logic when they say that homosexuality is unnatural, reasoning that homosexual relationships can’t produce children. If that’s the case, sterile men and infertile women are unnatural as well?

Gay animals:

35. Gian S. - May 31, 2007

And finally, I would like to emphasize that people can’t turn gay, therefore simply encouraging homosexuality won’t turn the entire civilization homosexual. That’s a crazy, unfounded idea. Once again, I refer you to the American Psychological Association website linked above.

Mr. Abante’s statements lead me to question not only his candidacy but also his intelligence. I’m saddened that the country is being led by politicians like him, for they are the ones who will lead the country to its demise. He is a danger to society, especially given his title as chair of the human rights committee.

36. vic - June 24, 2007

Just because Rep. Abante won re-election didn’t mean that he is a good representative, otherwise, politics in the Philippines would be the one of the most admired in Asia now, but it is the most despised and corrupted.

If some thinks that his anti-gay stand has any place in today’s society, then it will again make the Philippines in the category of the last to respect the “Equality of Man” and that is sad, because as we evolve as human race, understanding all the differences among nature, we are still stuck in the Dark Ages.

37. Sapho - June 24, 2007

Philippines need homosexual social movement like the stonewall era of US but our solons seems unprepared and not yet ready to face unconventional socio-political issues.homosexuals in this country should start to awaken the political consciousness of its people and governement in order to achieve equality.Political equality and everything will follow…

38. vic - June 25, 2007

just take a look at my country, same sex marriage is now legal and entitled to all benefits and privileges as marriage between man and woman, yet we are the most law-abiding people, and our government is the most transparent, lest corrupt anywhere and our morality is second to none. It is because we believe in Equality of All, irregardless of race, sexual orientation, colour, belief and religion, physical and mental disability and believe that our country is founded on the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law, yet everyone is free to believe what they wanted too. Yes, we are proud Canadians, strong and free..

39. bottom_me - June 27, 2007

abante is a VERY GOOD EXAMPLE OF AN IGNORANT SPECIE. his views and perceptions about life are based on FANTASIES and with inadequate learnings he’ve acquired. i agree that he should decline his position and be dethroned as a pastor. this person is not a person at all because of his unjust and cruel justification to homosexuals. WRATH OF GOD should be thrown upon him for he’s not aware of things that are real and already existing. again,if you’re gay but not yet ready to come out in the open,we accept that. but being cruel,mean,and unjust to people of your kind is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

40. Christian Homosexual - August 12, 2007

Talking about ignorance, most of us out there who are Roman Catholic – do we really know what the Catholic Church teaches about homosexuality? Have we seen the compassion that the Catechism has for us? Or are we blinded by what gay activism has told us so?

Here’s what Catholic teaching really teaches…
“The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2358)

So mahal po tayo ng Simbahan. The Church loves the person, but hates the sin that he or she does. And we have to make a CLEAR DISTINCTION on that… otherwise, WE ARE JUDGING THE CHURCH…

Here is what the Church wants us to do… a higher calling, a tough vocation, but can you argue that it is something not born out of love?
“Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2359)

PLEASE do not be blinded by what popular media says or what gay activists say…
People may find it difficult, but they are all ready to love us!
(not for what we DO, but for what we ARE)
make a distinction between the PERSON and the BEHAVIOR…

talk about being OPEN-MINDED… are we really REALLY?

41. Jerric Reeves - October 5, 2007

I guess everyone should read his/her own bible so you could understand what the Congressman is talking and fighting about.

The bible clearly states:
“Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” I Cor 6:9-10

Habang maaga pa po, mag-repent na po kayo. Don’t wait until the time comes na lumalangoy na kayo sa dagat-dagatang naglalagablag na apoy at asupre.

Hope God will enlighten you.

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