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On President GMA’s State of the Nation Address July 26, 2006

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On July 24, 2006, President GMA opened the Third and Final Regular Session of the Philippine Congress with her annual State of the Nation Address (SONA). Having survived several attempts to remove her from power, the SONA conveyed a mood of triumphalism. Despite this, however, the opening of Congress is still marked by a political crisis that wouldn’t not fade unless the truth is known and systematic reforms are implemented.

More than a year since the ‘Hello Garci’ tapes have been made public, the political crisis that they unraveled continues to confront us. We, members of the Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network Philippines (LAGABLAB-Pilipinas), renew our call for a credible resolution to ferret out the truth behind the electoral fraud controversy. That the government addressed the allegations by quashing all available mechanisms to arrive at the truth and by curbing civil liberties has worsened the crisis and pushed back our democratic gains. LAGABLAB believes that the alarming tendency of the government to impose draconian measures indicates that under the GMA administration, the truth will be constantly barred from surfacing.